Saturday, June 15, 2013

No matter what the species, men are men..

Hello everyone! Yup, its Jasmine blogging from Agrabah! You probably know me from the show “Addicted to the Agrabahs” and how crazy my character is portrayed on there. Trust me I am not that crazy! A lot went down in season two, especially with my dad trying to get me to marry that one loser Zayn Malik. Like seriously? I know my dad comes from a traditional background but I am only 16! That is just silly. I have so much to learn and the last thing on my mind is to marry someone, especially some stuck up kid from a boy band. No offense everyone, but that really isn’t my type. I can’t wait till I turn 18 so I can move out of this house. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Agra, India and being blessed with such a big palace and having our TV show, but I want to live a normal life too! I want to experience things like other teenage girls experience, like going to prom, having slumber parties and just hanging out at the mall. It’s so tough having cameras on you 24/7 and security guards following you. I feel like I have no true friends :(

Anyway, I have a lot of cool things coming up this summer. We are currently wrapping up season 3 of our show and after that I start filming for a new Bollywood movie! I am so excited because this will be a great stepping stone for me to get into the acting industry! Can’t wait to update you once we are on set! Hmm…what else? I am also starting up a new fashion line of shoes which is totally exciting! It will launch in December, just in time for Christmas!  Alright I have to get going my friends! Rajah, my pet tiger, is getting bored of me typing and wants me to go play with him!

Blue dress: Rodarte Fall 2011
Chandelier Earrings: Givenchy

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