Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"I am the lost Princess, aren't I?"

I guess you can call me an internet junkie. I love my reditt and tumblr with all my internet self-loating heart. As you can see I don't get out much..

The internet...has forever changed my life (Thank you Leonard Kleinrock! <3) I finally convinced my mom that i needed to get connection for schoolwork...she probably gave in because it was the only thing that keeps me distracted enough from going outside...which we all know will never happen ugh. The downside? She's got all the fun sites blocked and an hour time limit! >:[ Sometimes, on a good day, I can connect to some free wifi around the neighborhood and surf on the good stuff...like this blogger!

According to mom, my home school is located in a pretty bad area. She claims home school is my best option...I don't buy it though. My favorite subject is astronomy (I'm a Taurus, in case you were wondering)...I love painting my own charted maps around the room; my favorite is the most current project I'm working on...a  sun emblem! I've also been studying healing powers recently and dream of someday working with genetic alterations and physical distortions of biological functions. I just want to fight diseases and aging!

I've been working really hard to get accepted somewhere far away from here for university...I want to explore the world and see what's behind these four walls! I guess until then, I'll have my tumblr feed to admire all the eye candy I'm missing out on :\. Crap, I hear my mom calling--got to sign off! Until next time bloggers!

Cropped Galaxy top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: River Island
Shoes: Doc Martens

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  1. This is good! I love the pictures! <3