Friday, June 7, 2013

Beach girl with city dreams

Hi everyone it's Ariel :) First blog entries are always kind of awkward because there is never a simple way to jump right into a conversation. It's kind of like attending a party alone. You have to just dive right into a conversation and introduce yourself!

I am 16 years old living in a small beach town with my Dad and 6 other sisters. Yes, I am the youngest! I attend high school in La Jolla, California. I enjoy singing and am very active in our show choir. We will be traveling to London in September for our first international competition! Very excited about that! I have never been! I am really stoked to see all the museums and architecture there as well. Did I mention that I love art? I enjoy helping daddy curate pieces for our house and the gallery he owns. We have an amazing collection with beautiful works like Salvador Dali and Picasso!

I've always felt out of place in this small beach town...I just never fit in with the locals. Everyone's all about shopping and going to parties, but the whole laying out on the beach all day and attending fancy shindigs at night is not my thing! I hope to one day open up my own art museum in New York. dad doesn't know about that just yet! Don't get me wrong, I love living right next to the water and being able to attend fun art gallery openings here, but I just don't feel connected to anyone. No one seems to really understand my passion for art. That's why I hope this blog can help me express myself  and I can make some new friends here!

Favorite artists:
Roy Lichtenstein
Sofonisba Anguissola
Richard Phillips
Frida Kahlo

My outfit is dipped in Chanel! I love that Karl! His work is literally a piece of art! Love his creative energy.

Jacket, blouse, shorts and sea shell clutch: Chanel spring 2012 RTW
Shoes: Balenciaga Spring 2013 Shoes

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