Monday, June 24, 2013

I was beginnin' to think that wishin' on stars was just for babies and...crazy people.

~Most people see the glory, but they never know the story~

Pops always told me to reach for my dreams, but only half of it is wishing! You still got to work hard for them. AMEN! Success don't come easy, or as they say "overnight."

My pops always wanted to own his own restaurant, and that is one dream I am trying to achieve right now. I believe I am far from a basic cook and can cook up a mean Mama Odie Gumbo. When I say mean, it's like people are always thirsty coming back for more!  If y'all are nice maybe I will invite y'all over! I said MAYBE, don't get crazy!

One of my favorite girls out in here NOLA is La Bouff. Hey boo, I know you are reading this! She has been one of my closest friends and always pushed me to chase my dreams. We also share closets and always have each others backs. I am wearing your green Valentino top right now! Hehe, I think I want to keep looks cuter on me ;) La Bouff is the one that always encourages me to be myself. As you may know, my style is wicked but others probably think its "weird." But thats my style and I don't want to change for anyone! With that said, my other dream is to be a successful female rapper! Yup! Living in New Orleans, I have been around amazing jazz, R&B, and blues/soul all my life and always appreciated it. It is my dream to perform in front of thousands of people. One day yall! One day!

Here is a quick rap I just wrote for this entry, I hope you dig it!

Wake up, Wake up!! /Time to get out of bed/ Make that breakfast, get ahead/ We got the style/ We so wild/ Independent, don't need to walk the aisle/ We call ourselves prince repellers/ Look who be on list of bestsellers/ Get on our levels/

I'll leave y'all with some fashion and cooking tips!

1) Wear clothes that fit your body ladies! Trust me, ain't nobody want to see you in a size 0 if you're a size 6. And ain't nothing wrong with being a size 6. Just wear your size!

2) Don't use cheap Olive Oil. We can taste it...and it doesn't taste good.

3) Be creative! If no one's done it before, take a risk and try it! Haters are your motivators!

Tiana *muah*

Top and Pants: Valentino
Armadillo Shoes: Alexander McQueen
Lego Clutch: Chanel
Crown: Dolce & Gabbana

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