Monday, May 27, 2013

Cinderella dressed in...

My first blog entry for Prince Repeller is finally here! As some of my close friends understand, I am quite the perfectionist. I've wanted my first blog post to be incredibly pretty but also beneficial to our readers. Goodness, I hope I can accomplish both! Feel free to provide some constructive criticism on my blogging skills; I am always open for suggestions and advice.

We had an extensive winter here in France and I am thrilled for it to warm up a bit. I am very fond of this season due to the fact we always get visitors from all over the world. I get to encounter some of my relatives and friends I have not seen all year!  But most importantly, it means that I get to try new recipes and get to remodel the house a bit! This summer I have plans to reupholster the furniture in my stepmother’s bedroom. I found the perfect fabric from Marché Saint Pierre. They have a boundless selection of prints and excellent service! Her room is currently filled with deep purples and maroons and I want to lighten it up for the summer.

I was also lucky enough to grab some scraps in the clearance section and made a maxi skirt for myself tonight. I posted a picture below! What do you think?

Lace Sweater: ASOS
Crocheted Vest: Buckle
Slippers: Chinese Laundry
Skirt: DIY
Headband: Thrifted

Today I am making Chicken Fricassee with Tarragon for one of our cousins arriving from Rome. It is one of my favorites to make. I am also trying a new dessert called Apricot Almost Clafouti I found on Pinterest, I am hoping it turns out wonderful! Well friends, I hope you enjoyed my post; I now have to fetch some last minute supplies for dinner tonight. Have a splendid week!

P.S: Word around the house is that my cousin is bringing a man friend ;) Not that I am in need of someone right now, but flirting couldn't hurt right?

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