Saturday, May 18, 2013

Once there was a Princess

Hello world!

This is my very first post! My name is Show White and I am 14 years old. I have multiple nicknames too! One you probably know of is Sneewittchen! I love nicknames but they have to be nice okay? No name calling here! I am a big animal lover and heavily involved in the Nature Conservancy Program. We work super hard to protect ecologically lands and waters for nature and people! Right now, I'm working on a new project with the rainforest animals in Central America. The animals I love focusing my attention on are chipmunks and deer ;) they're so easy to talk to and super helpful! I guess I am going to have to let you in on a little secret...I can talk to animals! It is a special talent of mine that I will dive more into on my other blog entries!

So what is a prince repeller?


putting oneself in a very offensive outfit that may result in repelling potential suitors. Such pieces of garments and styles would be fluffy tulle ball gowns, glass slippers, bright red headbands and 70 foot long hair.


Snow White: Are you really going to be attending the party tonight with those glass slippers and arrive in that funky looking pumpkin car?

Cinderella: Yeah, I have no other choice :(

Snow White: Mhm, girl you are going to be prince repelling for sure!

Why start this blog? 

I have a tough time trying to explain my problems and outfits. I always seem to scare off people, especially boys for some reason. I wasn't sure why until my good friend Grumpy suggested a reason. Yeah, his name is Grumpy! He said maybe it was because of the crazy clothes my friends and I wear! I guess we seem a bit scary with our evil "step mom" stories and ball gowns we walk around in. So I made this blog to show my "repelling"outfits and stories. Hopefully my fellow "repellers" can relate.

I also will be collaborating with some of my close friends on here! We will talk about great skin tips, what to wear to parties, marriage/relationship advice and much much more! Okay enough about me and more about what I am wearing in today's blog post!

Blue & White Top: Kate Spade
Red Cardigan: Kate Spade
Twill mini skirt: Gap
Yellow Shoes: Cole Haan Oxfords
Red Headpiece Bow: Henri Bendel
Black Bag: Kitty Purse

Okay folks stay tuned for my next post with my dear friend! Hint: She loves to DIY, cook and clean ;) 

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